Monday, September 29, 2008

~the weather~

So it's a nice comfy 65 degrees outside today. I feel the briskness and crispness in the air and know fall is coming. This is my favorite time of the year, when all things come to end and get ready to sleep. My magnolia trees leaves are turning yellowish brown and I can already see the fuzzy buds of spring there...waiting until april. All the harvest decorations are out and it's nice to not have the ac on all the time. I love sleeping with my windows open and me snuggled under my flannel bedding all cozy. Writing this seriously makes me want to go back to sleep!

I do wish Brendan was home more to enjoy the autumnal things I do with the girls. We used to go the orchard and go pumpkin picking, but his work is entirely too demading right now. It has to simmer down or I just don't know what...

So I'm off for the next three days with nothing really to do. I've cleaned, done laundry, cleaned all the bedding, bills, etc..... now I guess tomorrow I'll go to a place with Shae where we can enjoy this beautiful weather. Perhaps Chelberg Farm, Johnson's orchard? We'll see. I am blessed that I don't have a 40 hr week working 9-5 with the weekends being the only family time. I'd go crazy if that were the case!

Maybe when Chloe gets home from school we'll take a family bike ride and then enjoy some nice hot tea and cocoa.


B.Sunshine said...

oh man how i wish the weather was like this here.

Texas is like burning up. Srsly, no joke.
its pretty much summer all year long.

But the idea of fall (even without the weather) sounds fun.