Saturday, October 4, 2008


So we went the pumpkin patch today. Me, Chloe, Shae and my mom. Brendan is off shooting a commercial or doing work at the Chicago symphony orchestra. Needless to say, he wasn't there. It's the first time in like 5 yrs that he missed our yearly trip to Kregel's. He'll be bummed out.

So we get there and they have a small petting zoo with llamas, piglets, donkey, goats and my favorite calves. All the animals looked like they were being cared for well and had enough area to meander around. They also had pony rides....which were four dollars per child. Now every year before it was never that expensive. I had to pay eight dollars for my kids to walk in circle on a pony for five minutes. I commented to the lady taking my dough that they raised the prices and she agreed. Next, the hay ride out to the pumpking patch was two dollars per person. Then there was this "corn" maze that was two dollars a person. It got to be completely ridiculous. Why in the hell are they charging people to walk around in a field of corn? And people were actually paying!! I have a huge corn field in my if you wanna play come on over. By the end of it all it was too much money spent on the "naturistic" experience. An experience I could do in my own yard basically. I did score a weird looking pumpkin that is actually grayish green. I was the only person on the entire hayride that picked a unique pumpkin. Someone commented on it and I thought, " yes and yours is boring"....

My children loved it so that's all the really mattered. Then we went to the Halloween store and thrift store and I got my whole wicked witch of the west costume for like 8 dollars. Chloe's I'm making since she's Glinda and Shae is Dorothy. Brendan is a flying monkey so I have to make his costume as well. I'm super excited to do all this!!! I'll be sure to post pics later on.

Now, I better get some good, deep sleep tonight!!


B.Sunshine said...

ppl now a days want to charge for everything.

pshhh. you go girl!

Lisa B. said...

Our trips to the "pumpkin patches" also have declined due to the "extra charges". Used to the mazes, petting zoo's, pony rides, etc were all free perks to get you to their farm to buy the pumpkins. Now they charge for everything around here too.