Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So I bought the weight watchers book off of ebay around a year ago. It sat on top of my fridge (clearly out of sight) for a long time. I pulled it out almost two weeks ago and have been doing the point system. I know I'm not some morbidly obese or overweight person, but when I graduated nursing school i weighed about 134lbs. I get obsessed with my weight and can tell you how much I weighed on my 21st birthday, the day I got married etc.. I have come to the conclusion that I correlate the events of my life with how much I weighed at the time. It's clearly not normal...I have never been "fat" so to speak, but at times a little chunkier than I would like. I was the girl in 8th grade wearing a C cup bra with a bubble butt! I guess I should be thankful I don't have a "frying pan ass" as quoted by my fellow employee with one! Anyway, when I get into the mindset to lose weight I go bananas! I've lost 9 lbs in two weeks. Doing the point system SERIOUSLY works. Running on my elliptical also helps too. My point to this is I've realized around 30, it's very easy to put on weight. My goal is 135..but I'd love to be 130. I've got 6.5 more to go!! So, if anyone wants to lose a few, I'm telling you weight watchers works. The key is to be healthy. I try and tell myself that constantly. Will an extra ten pounds kill me? No, but do I feel better...most definitely.


Andrea Rose said...

Look who joined blogger! love your blog... i'm now intrigued by the point system- what are you eating by the way? what's allowed in points?

B.Sunshine said...

tell us more about the point system. sounds like a good plan.