Friday, October 10, 2008


Dear St. Mary's Medical Center,

Please do not call me at 5 o'clock in the morning like you did today. You can clearly see that it's my day off. I understand we are understaffed. That is not my problem. Maybe if you hired new people this issue would be fixed. Do you really think that if you call me at 5 am asking me to be there for a day shift, that I would leap out of bed, say " I was hoping you'd call...anything for my place of employment...I'll see ya in two hours!" No one does that. When you do call it wakes my husband, who is so sleep deprived that he looks like a zombie half the time. I then lay in bed awake, thinking of stupid irrelevant things like what should I make for breakfast and my list of items to get from Costco today. Unless someone has gotten into a car accident or other horrific ordeal....I will not be coming in on my day off. And you put me in a position where I have to answer the phone. If it continues to ring, then the kids are up WAY too early and if I answer it then I have to talk to you. To my boss- hire more damn people, be nice to the ones you currently have and stop asking us to work on our days off. I work 24 hrs a week for a reason! Have a good day.



B.Sunshine said...

right on sista. days off are sacred in the world of 12 hour shifts.

gardngirl said...

I remember those days...You were considered a dog if you didn't come in when they were sooo very short staffed.

Funny, on the days I worked and it was crazy nobody came in either!!!

They wonder why people get burned out?!