Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm going to discuss something that is not pretty or fun....periods. While shopping today at Target I thought, "Let's try something new", big mistake. I have bought the same female products for years and saw a commercial for "infinity" pads. The commercials made it sound like a magical aparatus and that it would make that time of the month less miserable. So, I'm in the aisle and started feeling very overwhelmed. One side tampons. The other pads. Now, I must have looked like a complete weirdo, because I stood reading the backs of the boxes for what seemed like an hour. I was intrigued by all different promises they offered. "Leak proof" is my if. Then the tampons were differently engineered, depending on how they opened up. Gross. I do not know the difference between overnight and heavy. Do wings really matter? Why would you use a tampon without an applicator? Cardboard or plastic? Scented or unscented? Liner or pad? I seriously couldn't believe the many options. So I did what I never ever do and bought new, fancy items. I won't blog on how my choices panned out....that is TMI, but I am nervous. Marketing for hygiene products has got to be boring as hell. You can only reinvent a pad so many times and then it just gets ridiculous. Next time you need to make a run to the store for your goodies, stop and look at it all. Maybe I just am easily perplexed and need to get out more or perhaps I need to ponder things that truly impact my life. Whatever the case may be, I found this amusing.