Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, my little 7 1/2 yr old has been quite the drama queen lately. She has always been slightly more spastic than her younger sister, but it's getting comical now. The other day she was to put the couch cushions back and didn't want to...flung herself with hand over forehead and yelled "No one understands me"! I quietly walked away and burst into laughter in the kitchen. Brendan just stood there shaking his head. Chloe was involved in a Christmas show a couple of years ago and loved it. She was one of few children that you could tell really enjoyed performing for the crowd. In downtown Valpo, we have the Chicago Street Theatre. It is an old theatre that has excellent productions and even acting/performance classes, starting as young as 5. I have highly considered enrolling Chloe for an eight week course so she can get her "drama" fill. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this with their little ones and if they enjoyed the experience. I have no idea where she gets this from! I don't watch soap operas or any shows like that and tv is usually pretty limited. Brendan was a performer when he was young and even into college. She must get it from him....either way it's hilarious.